A Russian-style
Crowdfunding Mobile App ‘KIMCHA’ is
coined with Russian words.

  • – Кореи
  • – Импортируете
  • – Часто и легко
Emblem: Mr. Kim
Going beyond B2C sales, ‘KIMCHA’ helps our clients open up export channels by promoting our B2B sales and regularly advertising the products on our web portal to potential buyers around the globe.

Come and open up export channels with KIMCHA!

Global Auto Parts Inventory Sales Mall ‘SENGO’

  • Auto Parts Brand SENGO
  • The goods in stock could be needed abroad.
  • A inventory sales platform in which goods are uploaded up to the amount of inventory and being sold as many as a minimum order quantity (MOQ)
  • To further expand our brand ‘SENGO’, we have manufactured and provided automotive parts in ODM.
  • Items: Fuel pump, seal